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  • 2021 China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics Came to a Perfect Ending

    In 2021, Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics, organized by Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd., upgraded its name to China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics in 2021 after the approval by Ministry of Culture, and welcomed its 14th anniversary during May 23-25 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center.

  • Report of the first day of PM China 2020

    The 13th Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics (PM China & CCEC China & IACE China 2020) was finally started its 13 edition in Shanghai, China from 12 to 14 August, 2020. Organized by Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd, the exhibition aims to create cooperation opportunities and strengthen the industries exchanges by gathering leading enterprises under one roof. Especially at this critical moment, we believe the successful holding would be able to make the powder metallurgy industry and advanced ceramics industry vigorous again.

The 13 Edition of PM China & CCEC China and IACE China, which was held from 12 to 14 August, has promoted revitalization of the powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics industries under the theme of “Opportunity Creation, Information Sharing, Technology Exchange and Cooperation Enhancement”. Over 25,793 visitors were present on-site the show, an increase by 14% over last edition. The figure shows, as the pandemic gradually being under control in China, that the pent-up procurement demand are converting to a momentum for spending.


The exhibition space of 30,000 sqm, an increase of 20%, also marks the growing influence of the industry event. A total of 494 firms from more than 10 countries and regions showcased their products and services, where the top 10 countries are China, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Japan.


The exhibition also made headway in bringing more cutting-edge technologies and products to its visitors. Raw materials with excellent performance such as metal powder materials, stainless steel materials, structural materials, functional materials and magnetic materials; instructive testing equipment such as optical image screening machine, visual inspection instrument, particle size analyzer, scanning electron microscope; and powder processing machinery such as high-efficiency mixers, jet mills, spray granulation dryers, were a centralized focus as always. What’s new about it was that executives of CNC presses, electric powder presses, hydraulic presses companies expressed their higher requirements for compaction accuracy, and the industries have began incorporating 3D printing technology into the production systems.


On top of the fascinating exhibits, the five summits staged by the Organizer welcomed 62 knowledgeable academicians, professors and business executives in the fields of powder metallurgy, cemented carbide and advanced ceramics to share new trends and development, which were unanimously recognized by more than 1200 guests.


In 2021, the industries is expected to have a surging growth. Make sure you follow the trend at the PM China & CCEC China and IACE China, on May 23-25, 2021.