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An authoritative platform showcasing cutting-edge technical products,Here, advanced technologies and products worldwide can be fully displayed and promoted, and industry players from both upstream and downstream can communicate and cooperate in depth. The exhibition covers a comprehensive range of products, services, and overall solutions including raw materials, mechanical equipment, components & products, as well as materials and equipment for 3D printing. 


Raw materials for powder metallurgy

Iron-based powder, nonferrous metal powder, atomized powder, refractory metal powder, stainless steel powder, nonmetal powder, graphite & specialty lubricants, cleaning agents and lubricants, as well as other raw and auxiliary materials.

Powder metallurgy equipment

Sintering equipment, molding equipment, milling equipment, testing equipment, atmosphere devices, molds, mold frames, mesh belts, and other related equipment.

Powder metallurgy products

Iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel sintered parts, injection molding parts, electrical alloy, magnetic materials, cemented carbides and refractory metal, ceramic materials, super-hard materials, friction materials, porous materials, etc.