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Exhibitor news

Demonstration of cutting edge technologies and products

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The Mega Show for PM&MIM, AM, Advanced Ceramics and Magnetic Materials

May 31st--June 2nd, 2023

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center


2023 China Int’l Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy (PM China)

From raw materials, equipment and products to the latest technologies and solutions, PM China fully showcases all aspects of the powder metallurgy industry


2023 China Int’l Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics (IACE China)

IACE China displays and promotes the cutting-edge technologies and innovative products of the international advanced ceramic industry.


2023 China Int’l Exhibition for Magnetic Materials (MMIC China)

MMIC China, a wonderful interaction between magnetic materials and magnetic application industry chain enterprises, a high-tech exhibition in pursuit of electronization, informatization and intellectualization.


2023 China Int’l Exhibition for Additive Manufacturing (AM China)

AM China, an exhibition focusing on industry applications. It gathers outstanding companies to provide a full range of additive manufacturing solutions and professional services to people from different industries.


1.Collection of 700+ exhibitors and 1,500+ brands

The above four exhibitions will be held simultaneously, and the total show space is expected to reach 40,000 square meters with more than 700 exhibitors representing 1,500+ brands from different countries. 



2.Gathering with global innovations

The exhibitions bring together the innovative ideas and advanced technologies and showcase automated machinery, intelligent technology, new materials and perfect solutions.



3.Focusing on industry applications

It is estimated that 45,000 industry visitors will come from automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics, household appliances, electric tools, mechanical equipment, rail transit, semiconductors, biomedicine, aerospace, defense and military industry, etc.



4.Brand event widely recognized and praised

Successfully held for 14 consecutive years, the exhibitions have been widely recognized and praised by professionals all over the world and become the key platform of networking, technology exchanging and business trading across the world.