Exhibitor News| NISSEI NEXIIIT Production Machine: Superior, Precise and Steady

Date: 2018-01-20
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With decades of technology research of NISSEI Group, NISSEI electric injection molding machine was born, achieving easy accessibility through high added value software, realizing high quality and high stability with superior mechanical property. The well-received NEX series is more cost-effective by producing in China. 

Japan’s  injection molding technology has reached world’s top class level and NISSEI is always the leading name in the industry. With manufacturers direct sales, maintenance service outlets (26 domestic and overseas 35 in 17 countries) as the center, its business is around the world. The injection molding machine of NISSEI brand has exceeded 80 countries and regions.

The production of the superior, precise and steady NEX series starts in Taicang China from 2009, and it has the same quality as Japanese production machines with shorter period of delivery. 650 NEX series produced in Taicang has been sold in Chinese PIM market so far.

  Under the following management philosophy:As a global company, NISSEI will enrich communities through plastics.NISSI strives to satisfy diversified demands of customers, and make full and flexible use of its over 60-year experience to provide customers with quality injection molding machines and services continually.

High Quality Exhibits

NISSEI Injection Molding Machine 

01 NEX Series Injection Molding Machine 


High speed, high sensitivity, high precision, high durability, high performance control "TACT IV" screen, improve the performance of man-machine interaction.

02 PNX/ FNX Series Injection Molding Machine 


Contain high rigid straight pressure clamping, excellent injection performance, the same level of energy saving performance as the electric injection molding machine and so on. Cover various aspects from precision, wide range of thin wall forming to the thick wall forming.

03 FVX Series Injection Molding Machine


 Composite lock mode, with high rigidity, excellent durability and can maintain parallelism for a long time. Smooth mold opening and closing, realize high speed period and stable forming.

04 TNX Series Injection Molding Machine


Using the direct pressure locking mechanism to ensure long - term stable operation, the mechanical precision can be maintained for a long time, and the wide rotary space improves the operation efficiency.

05 DCE Series Injection Molding


Using the dual color forming of common mode rotation, high speed rotation and no impact, suitable for the forming of different colors or different materials in various fields.

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