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Four Special Exhibition Section

Covering the Whole Chain of Powder Metallurgy Industry

1. Powder metallurgy raw materials section:

Iron-based powder, Nonferrous metal powder, Atomized powder, Refractory metal powder, Stainless steel powder, Nonmetal powder, Graphite and special lubricants, Cleaning agent and lubricating oil, etc.

2. Powder metallurgy equipment section: 

Sintering equipment, Molding equipment, Milling equipment, Testing equipment, Atmosphere device, Mould, Mould base, Mesh belt, etc.

3. Powder metallurgy products section: 

Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel sintered parts, Injection molding parts, Electrical alloy, Magnetic material, Cemented carbides and refractory metal, Ceramic material, Ultrahard material, Friction material, Porous material, etc.

4. 3D printingsection: 

3D printing device, 3D printing material (Polymer powder material, Ceramic powder material, metal powder material, etc.)

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