Exhibitor News| ATMIX: Self-Developed Superior Amorphous Powder

Date: 2018-01-20
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With the application of unique metal powder manufacturing technology, EPSON ATMIX develops and supplies various of powder materials for their clients. Featured with electronic raw materials, ATMIX ultra-fine powder is widely applied to every related field, which is only few millimeters in granularities.

Besides, ATMIX amorphous powder is high-profile in the industry because of its promotion to performance of low consumption, miniaturization, high frequency and large current. ATMIX is dedicated to serving customers and developing the most suitable metal powder to meet customer’s need. 

High Quality Exhibits 

01 MIM Powder


Apply to low-temperature sintering

Improve mechanical performance

Enhance surface roughness

Good flowability

Apply to manufacturing of miniaturized complex parts.

02  Magnetic Powder 


The water atomization process can produce ultra-fine powder of D50 from 2 to 10 microns.

The water atomization process can produce amorphous powder 

Magnetic powder can be manufactured according to customer's requirement.

Available for insulating treatment 

03  SWAP Powder


Amorphous powder

Ultra-fine amorphous powder

Various alloy powders can be made by quenching technology

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