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Description: Company NameBooth No.TOYO TANSOA001PACIFICSOWA SHANGHAI Rep Office &ATMIXA005JIANGSU TIAN YI A008Zoltrix Material (Guangzhou) LimitedA011Oerlikon Metco (Shanghai) Limited A015XIHUA New Materials A016Anton Paar (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.A018LING QI  Mechatronics EngineeringA035Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing A040LOMEIA041THERMVAC INC A042PVA TePla (China) Ltd.A045Suzhou EBE High-Temperature Technology Co., Ltd.A048 A050Gillkon Screw Manufacturing(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. A052SAGWELL Science Technology CO.,LTDA055SHANGHAI&...
Description: Company Name Booth No.Shanghai Dingyan ElectromechanicalTechnology Co., Ltd.A218DKSH ChinaA220 Changzhou Jubang Technology Co.Ltd.A300GUANGDONG CINCY INDUSTRY CO., LTD.A301DorstA302GOAL ELECTRONIC CORPA305Dijet Industrial Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Representative OfficeA308BRIGHT SILVER TOOLS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.A310KOMAGEA312Dongguan Hyper Tech Co.LtdA315GANSU HAOSHI CARBON FIBER CO., LTD.A318GUANGDONG LINA SHIYE CO., LTD.A320GUANGDONG XY FINE CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDA322SHANGHAI CHEMSON CHEMICALS CO. LTD.A328SAILONG METALA330EROWAA331DAIDO...
Description: Company NameBooth No.HUNAN FU QIANG SPECIAL CERAMIC MANUFACTURING CO.,LTDC001XIAOGAN HANDAC002Beijing Trend Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd.C005 C006ANHUI ZHONGKE C007Shenzhen SAPPHIRE Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.C008 C009SHIJIAZHUANG HUIHANC010NX JIXIEC012Tunable Materials Co LtdC013 C015WEIFANG ZHIDA SPECIAL CERAMICS CO., LTD C016 C020Hiphoenix (China) Machinery Co., Inc.C017 C018YAAN YUANCHUANGC019HUBEI XIAOLAJIAOC021 C022RUIHONG SHANGHAIC025NINGBO YOUBISHENG C026 C027UG NANOC029ZIRCAR Ceramics,Inc.  C030Xinjiang SunRise P...
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Description: Traffic TipsMetro(Prefered)To the North Entrance: No.3 Exit of China Art Museum Station of Line 8, 400m away from the entrance, takes about 5mins walk.To the South Entrance: No.4 Exit of Yaohua Road Station of Line 7, 800m away from the entrance, takes about 10mins walk.TaxiFrom Hongqiao International Airport and Hongqiao railway Station, approximately RMB 80 Yuan;From Shanghai Pudong International Airport: approximately RMB 140 Yuan;From Shanghai South Railway Station: approximately RMB 40 Yuan;From Shanghai West Railway Station: approximately RMB 60 Yuan;From Shanghai Railway Station: approximately RMB 40 Yuan;Taxi Hotlines: Dazhong Taxi: 96822; Bashi Taxi: 96840; Jinjiang Taxi: 96961DriveShanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Ce...
Description: To aid in your economical and comfortable business trip in Shanghai, we provide hotel reservation services with designated hotels at a favourable rate (including breakfast, shuttle bus and business insurance):Any questions, please contact:Shanghai Mengxuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.Attn: Ms. Wangxia/ Ms. ZhangyanTel: +86 400 114 8966Mobile: +86 136 5175 7017/ +86 156 1857 5682E-mail: / wx@mxydt.comOnline Booking: or scan the QR code
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